Linkin Park Ppr:Kut Cheapshot & Jubacca ft. Rasco & Planet Asia

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Исполнитель песни: Linkin Park

Название песни: Ppr:Kut (Cheapshot & Jubacca ft. Rasco & Planet Asia)

Длина mp3: 03:26

Добавлено: 2015-01-29

Просмотров текста: 542

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Полный текст песни:

Why does it feel like night today
Something in heres not right today
Why i am so uptight today
Parnoia's all i got left
I don't know what stressed me first
Or how the pressure was fed
But i know just what it feels like to
have a voice in the back of my head
Like a face that i hold inside
A face that awakes when i close my eyes
Face that watches everytime i lie
Face that laughs everytime i fall
and watches everything
So i know that when its time to sink or swim
The face inside is hearing me right beneath my skin

Its like i'm paranoid looking over my back
Its like a whirlwind inside of my head
Its like i can't stop what im hearing within
Its like the face inside is right beneath my skin

hey yo, here we go again with the pain i feel isn't real but in my mind
But i find myself in places with names, but not faces
My memory races at speeds hundred degrees
My soul (it bleeds?) devil mustve planted the seed
Now it feels like my backs against the wall, i'm taking the fall
Whenever i call nobody's responding at all
But i don't who i could trust they screaming my name
I need somebody to help me out of the flame
all im tryin to do is just master me all i want to do is smoke a blaster beat
but something keeps talking to me consciously
responsibly it keeps haunting me
From dusk till dawn
Everything has something for ya
That voice inside of your head got to projected, Paranoia
cold sweat.
Shining on your face exposing your purpose and if i
ripped off your skin i'd probly find another verse
Its nothin worse than trying to bring yourself up back from the dead
so i advise you listen to that voice in the back of your head


the face inside is right beneath your skin [4x]
The sun goes down
I feel the light betray me [3x]

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